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centralized processing

Processing performed in one computer or in a cluster of coupled computers in a single location. Access to the computer is via "dumb terminals," which send only input and receive output or "smart terminals," which add screen formatting. All data processing is performed in the central computer.

Centralized processing evolved from the first computers in the 1950s, which were stand-alone with all input and output devices in the same room. Starting in the 1960s, terminals were added throughout a company's headquarters and branch offices, and each terminal was wired into the central machine, whether local or via a remote communications method.

The Terminals Became PCs
As personal computers and local area networks (LANs) proliferated in the 1980s and 1990s, terminals were replaced with PCs, which were made to function like a terminal with the addition of hardware and software. Users could run their own applications and still access the central computer as required (see terminal emulation).

By the 1990s, "client/server" architecture began to replace terminal access. Client PCs communicated with network servers via the local network rather than terminals hardwired to a central machine. Although there are still hardwired terminals in use, the predominant technology today is the local area network (LAN). See client/server.

Thin Clients
The terminal-based centralized architecture is hardly defunct. Harking back to the early days, options within Windows and Unix/Linux servers, as well as software from companies such as VMware and Citrix, enable applications to be run in network servers with the user's computer turned once again into a terminal. Now known as "thin client" computing rather than centralized processing, it is, however, the same concept (see thin client).

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This offered them a glimpse of how a well site, central processing facility and export systems are commis- sioned and started for the first time.
The central processing unit (CPU) calls a large number of kernel functions on the device that will use its internal task scheduler to establish the most suitable strategy of allocating the functions (kernels).
Work is underway for all major Ichthys LNG Project facilities, including the Central Processing Facility, the FPSO, the subsea structures, flow lines and umbilicals, the Gas Export Pipeline, and the onshore LNG processing plant in Darwin.
Gas and condensates from the Saih Rawl field are collected and processed at Saih Rawl Central Processing Plant where the depletion compression is located.
Shippers would send cargo to a central processing facility near their warehouse or office.
The MD of the Hungarian Operator MOL said the additional production of gas was being included in the national transmission system through central processing facility of Manzalai field.
Gyrgy Mosonyi called on President Asif Ali Zardari at Presidency Friday The President congratulated the MOL group on inauguration of Manzalai Central Processing Facility in Karak and said that the Government is determined to keep upgrading and developing oil and gas sector and is taking keen interest in creating opportunities for private investment in the country especially in the sectors that have direct bearings on the social uplift of the people.
The goods that would be covered include mobile telephones; integrated circuit devices such as microprocessors and central processing units; perfume; precious metals; works of art; plus collectors' items and antiques.
It permits enabled applications to utilise the multi-core central processing unit (CPU) and the GPU in a PC and demand video editing and transcoding from one video format to another.
The European Commission announced, on 21 September, that it has published a non-confidential version of its decision, adopted on 13 May 2009, to impose a fine of 1.06 billion on Intel Corporation for abuse of its dominant position (Article 82) and illegal anti-competitive behaviour, aiming to exclude competitors from the market for computer chips called x86 central processing units' (CPUs - see Europolitics 3753).
Summary: Perenco's CEO and the ETAP chairman symbolically turned together the CPF valve for the new gas export pipeline at an official opening ceremony held on May 6th at the Central Processing Facility near Matmata in Tunisia.

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