centripetal force

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centripetal force

a force that acts inwards on any body that rotates or moves along a curved path and is directed towards the centre of curvature of the path or the axis of rotation

Centripetal force

The inward force required to keep a particle or an object moving in a circular path. It can be shown that a particle moving in a circular path has an acceleration toward the center of the circle along a radius. See Acceleration

This radial acceleration, called the centripetal acceleration, is such that, if a particle has a linear or tangential velocity v when moving in a circular path of radius R, the centripetal acceleration is v2/R. If the particle undergoing the centripetal acceleration has a mass M, then by Newton's second law of motion the centripetal force FC is in the direction of the acceleration. This is expressed by the equation below,

where ω is the constant angular velocity and is equal to v/R. From Newton's laws of motion it follows that the natural motion of an object is one with constant speed in a straight line, and that a force is necessary if the object is to depart from this type of motion. Whenever an object moves in a curve, a centripetal force is necessary. In circular motion the tangential speed is constant but is changing direction at the constant rate of ω, so the centripetal force along the radius is the only force involved.

centripetal force

A force, such as gravitation, that causes a body to deviate from motion in a straight line to motion along a curved path, the force being directed toward the center of curvature of the body's motion. The force reacting against this constraint, i.e. the force equal in magnitude but opposite in direction, is the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force results from the inertia of all solid bodies, i.e. their resistance to acceleration, and unlike gravitational or electrical forces, cannot be considered a real force. The centripetal force is equal to the product of the mass of the body and its centripetal acceleration. The latter is the acceleration toward the center, and for a body moving in a circle at a constant angular velocity ω it is given by ω2r , where r is the radius.

Centripetal Force


the force that acts on a mass point in the direction of the principal normal to the point’s trajectory and is directed toward the center of curvature. If the point moves in a circle, the centripetal force is directed toward the center of the circle. Numerically, the centripetal force that acts on a point of mass m moving with a velocity v is equal to mv2/ρ, where ρ is the radius of curvature of the point’s trajectory. Under the action of a centripetal force, the motion of a free mass point is curvilinear. During rectilinear motion, the centripetal force is equal to zero.

centripetal force

[‚sen′trip·əd·əl ′fȯrs]
The radial force required to keep a particle or object moving in a circular path, which can be shown to be directed toward the center of the circle.
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It could generate a demand for regional integration on European model through serving as a centripetal force in the region but it largely depended on its domestic politics particularly the status and position of Indian Muslims in its society.
It appears that the radius profile of the path of the hands plays an important role in controlling the trajectory of the bat through control of the centripetal forces of the bat coordinated with the interaction forces and torques from the batter as has been noted in other sports (Nesbit and McGinnis, 2009).
However, there are aspects other than trade which may create the centripetal force that were triggered by the border proximity created in 2007.
In this vein, the intuition behind the concentration economic activities is conceived as the outcome of two types of dynamic forces: Centripetal forces and centrifugal forces.
Identification and centripetal force may not influence the temporary employee's performance but may influence turnover rate and degree of loyalty and commitment to the organization.
the body's centripetal force increases as it approaches perihelion, while the centrifugal force is supposed to decrease proportionately, the [centrifugal force] would no longer be able to tear the body away from the former and to set it again at a distance from its central body; on the contrary, for once the former has gained the preponderance, the other is overpowered and the body is carried towards its central body with accelerated velocity (SL 380-1/WL I 394).
Subsequently coal washing has become a common pre-combustion clean coal mechanism and depending upon a coal's specific characteristics, mining companies have chosen one of the three technologies to wash raw coal: 'Heavy Media Bath', where the coal is passed through a high density fluid--water missed with magnetite--and the specific gravity difference is used to separate ash; 'Heavy Media Cyclone', where the conical drum containing dense fluid is rotated at high speed to add centripetal force to clean is further; and finally 'Jig' where compressed air is used to create pulsation to separate particles of different shapes and gravity.
Hiroyuki Nakai, chief strategist at the Tokai Tokyo Research Center, said, ''A defeat would be a major blow to the Abe administration, which is already losing centripetal force, as it would raise serious doubts about the fate of Japan's fiscal reform and about its economic recovery.
A hard-to-achieve virtue, jointness is a centripetal force that opposes the centrifugal tendency of the military services to think and act divergently.
Thus, in order to strongly bind this centrifugal force to sustainable growth for the entire Group, I believe that it is necessary to counter it with centripetal force, and we are finding this centripetal force in 'The Omron Principles'.
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