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the officer commanding a Roman century



the commander of a century or maniple of the ancient Roman legion. Centurions were selected either from those foot soldiers who displayed the greatest valor and potential for leadership or from the equites. They received two to three times the salary of a common soldier.

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We are thrilled to be working with American Express to bring The Centurion Lounge to Terminal 4, said Gert-Jan de Graaff, President and CEO of JFKIAT, the company which operates Terminal 4.
Centurion can be used for buying products and services.
Bullion King Mining's co-founders Arden Morrow and Michael McGinnis, who boast long-standing records in the mining sector, will help with high-quality projects Centurion has pinpointed, Centurion managing director David Linsley noted.
Prices are pounds 88,315 for the Quattroporte for Centurion 4.
World War II ended before the Centurion was able to prove itself but the Korean Conflict changed that.
This program allows all the motion and I/O functions of the Centurion to be utilized.
Ex-Royal Marine Commando Rees heads up the Centurion staff of 16 instructors, all ex-commandos.
The centurion had sent a very peculiar message: "I did not think myself worthy to come unto thee.
The Centurion gives contractors the specialized machine they need to handle the specifications of today's pipeline projects," said Paul Evans, president of CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
The Centurions form an international society, and a United States branch, the "Society of Centurions of America," has recently been formed.
Calais is one of sports' brightest young stars," said Michael Bilello, president and CEO of Centurion Strategies.
The affirmation of the ratings for Centurion Life reflects its continued strong risk-adjusted capital position and consistently positive statutory operating earnings, while the negative outlook reflects its diminished business profile.