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ceremony, expression of shared feelings and attitudes through more or less formally ordered actions of an essentially symbolic nature performed on appropriate occasions. A ceremony involves stereotyped bodily movements, often in relation to objects possessing symbolic meaning. For example, people bow or genuflect, tip hats, present arms, slaughter cattle, salute flags, and perform a myriad of other actions. Ceremonies express, perpetuate, and transmit elements of the value and sentiment system and aim at preserving such values and sentiments from doubt and opposition; moreover, they intensify the solidarity of the participants. Ceremonies are found in all societies.
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What does it mean when you dream about a ceremony?

Ceremonies can be simple celebrations, but often they mark an important transition in life, such as a graduation ceremony or a marriage ceremony. In the dream, ceremonies can represent that one has acquired new skills or moved into a new phase of one’s life.

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'Kashmir banay ga Pakistan (Kashmir will be made a part of Pakistan)' theme will be included in the Defence Day ceremonies, he said.
"Kashmir banay ga Pakistan (Kashmir will be made a part of Pakistan)" theme will be included in the Defence Day ceremonies, he said.
JAKARTA: Dozens of former terrorists took part in ceremonies to mark Indonesia's 74th anniversary of independence as the country raised its red-and-white national flag and celebrated its vast diversity.
LAHORE -- Flag hoisting ceremonies were held in the provincial capital to mark Independence Day (August 14) with national zeal and fervor.
Flag hoisting ceremonies were also held at all the 33 districts of Balochistan.
Hindus and Buddhists perform their wedding ceremonies with religious traditions and values in temples.
Pay tribute to those who gave their lives in service to our country at the many suburban Memorial Day parades and ceremonies this weekend.
Last week I wrote about visiting the Gwangsan Kim ceremony in a modern hotel with some of the traditional trappings of the ceremonies and some new features ?
Ceremonies for new Canadians acquiring their citizenship are usually open to the public.
Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot in two elaborate ceremonies. While they exchanged vows in a Christian wedding on Saturday, a traditional Hindu ceremony took place on Sunday.