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expression of shared feelings and attitudes through more or less formally ordered actions of an essentially symbolic nature performed on appropriate occasions. A ceremony involves stereotyped bodily movements, often in relation to objects possessing symbolic meaning. For example, people bow or genuflect, tip hats, present arms, slaughter cattle, salute flags, and perform a myriad of other actions. Ceremonies express, perpetuate, and transmit elements of the value and sentiment system and aim at preserving such values and sentiments from doubt and opposition; moreover, they intensify the solidarity of the participants. Ceremonies are found in all societies.

What does it mean when you dream about a ceremony?

Ceremonies can be simple celebrations, but often they mark an important transition in life, such as a graduation ceremony or a marriage ceremony. In the dream, ceremonies can represent that one has acquired new skills or moved into a new phase of one’s life.

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WHO: Rick Smith, Tri Counties Bank president/CEO along with three members of Tri Counties Bank's executive management team, board members and family members will fly to New York City to be part of the ceremonious event.
B-ROLL INCLUDES: Dexter's ceremonious arrival at Six Flags greeted by Bugs Bunny and Sylvester Dexter and Boys and Girls club fans on X and Goliath rollercoasters VIDEO PROVIDED BY: Six Flags Magic Mountain
E[acute accent]Smith, along with three members of Tri Counties Bank's executive management team and chairman of the board, will fly to New York City to be part of the ceremonious event on Thursday, Sept.
All of this ceremonious notice merely punctuates what can only be described as a dream year for Aguilera, who has sold upwards of 12 million records worldwide.
with the ceremonious first coin toss, fans will experience gridiron magic unlike anything else in Seahawks history.
These jeweled treasures and objects d'art displayed in the ceremonious Throne Room of the Hermitage provides the latest vivid example of the drastic changes taking place in the former Soviet Union.
Beginning with the ceremonious white-gloved greeting and flute of chilled Pommery champagne, the extraordinary service provided by the European staff ensures each guest's comfort.
Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan -- who is participating in the event along with two other co-winners of the 2009 Chemistry Nobel -- has described it as 'the world's most ceremonious science congress'.
Smith's notions about morality are not ceremonious and superficial (as are Mrs.
Leaving her with stone eyes and ceremonious cries as she digs
A ceremonious academy was held in Skopje-based Army Hall where Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski held a speech, stating that the Government will continue to work in improving the country's economy, which is the number one priority.
I took a holiday, but I was not refreshed, perhaps the trip abroad was more ceremonious than self-healing.