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expression of shared feelings and attitudes through more or less formally ordered actions of an essentially symbolic nature performed on appropriate occasions. A ceremony involves stereotyped bodily movements, often in relation to objects possessing symbolic meaning. For example, people bow or genuflect, tip hats, present arms, slaughter cattle, salute flags, and perform a myriad of other actions. Ceremonies express, perpetuate, and transmit elements of the value and sentiment system and aim at preserving such values and sentiments from doubt and opposition; moreover, they intensify the solidarity of the participants. Ceremonies are found in all societies.

What does it mean when you dream about a ceremony?

Ceremonies can be simple celebrations, but often they mark an important transition in life, such as a graduation ceremony or a marriage ceremony. In the dream, ceremonies can represent that one has acquired new skills or moved into a new phase of one’s life.

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And indeed on the Sunday fixed for this ceremony there was such a stir among the people, and such an enthusiasm among the townsfolk, that even a Frenchman, who laughs at everything at all times, could not have helped admiring the character of those honest Hollanders, who were equally ready to spend their money for the construction of a man-of-war -- that is to say, for the support of national honour -- as they were to reward the growth of a new flower, destined to bloom for one day, and to serve during that day to divert the ladies, the learned, and the curious.
This pious reasoning, and perhaps the fear of being too late, supported the bride through the ceremony of robing, after which, strong tea and brandy were administered in alternate doses as a means of strengthening her feeble limbs and causing her to walk steadier.
The better to support his assumed character he had determined to be greatly overcome, and, consequently, when they entered the church, the sobs of the affectionate parent were so heart-rending that the pew-opener suggested the propriety of his retiring to the vestry, and comforting himself with a glass of water before the ceremony began.
The ceremony was very quickly disposed of, and all parties present having signed the register (for which purpose, when it came to his turn, Mr Crummles carefully wiped and put on an immense pair of spectacles), they went back to breakfast in high spirits.
I have always thought love the only foundation of happiness in a married state, as it can only produce that high and tender friendship which should always be the cement of this union; and, in my opinion, all those marriages which are contracted from other motives are greatly criminal; they are a profanation of a most holy ceremony, and generally end in disquiet and misery: for surely we may call it a profanation to convert this most sacred institution into a wicked sacrifice to lust or avarice: and what better can be said of those matches to which men are induced merely by the consideration of a beautiful person, or a great fortune?
It was not merely the sisters, the women-friends and female relations of the bride who were following every detail of the ceremony.
Betimes next morning, that horrible old Lady Tippins (relict of the late Sir Thomas Tippins, knighted in mistake for somebody else by His Majesty King George the Third, who, while performing the ceremony, was graciously pleased to observe, 'What, what, what?
Eugene is also in attendance, with a pervading air upon him of having presupposed the ceremony to be a funeral, and of being disappointed.
12/2/13 - SGT Odin Ayala, 2044 George Maria Way, El Cajon, CA - Key Ceremony @ 4 pm 12/2/13 - Cpl Travis Greene, 2041 George Maria Way, El Cajon, CA - Key Ceremony @ 4 pm 12/3/13 - SPC Justin Perez-Gorda, 285 Chama Trace, Dripping Spring, TX - Key Ceremony @ 4 pm 12/4/13 - SSG Wallace Fanene, Calle Nopa, Temecula, CA - Key Ceremony @ 4 pm 12/4/13 - Cpl Justin Gaertner, 521 Cullaro Ln.
Cyprus Minister of Communications who was at the signing ceremony of the contract for eco-friendly vessels stated that "at the signing ceremony of the contract for eco-friendly vessels It gives me great pleasure to be amongst you today on the occasion of the signing ceremony of the contract for the building of eco-friendly bulk carrier vessels by FrontMarine and Lemissoler Navigation.
THE closing ceremony was a talking point - but it wasn't everyone's cup of tea.
The Filmmaster Events President, after the recent victory of the Rio 2016[TM] Olympic Ceremonies, is one of the most prominent figures around the world in Show and Ceremony productions.