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Folk beliefs assign St. Nicholas the role of Christmas gift bringer in Czechoslovakia. According to Czechoslovakian folklore, two oddly matched companions aid the good saint in his labors. On December sixth, St. Nicholas's Day, Nicholas descends from heaven on a golden rope accompanied by an angel dressed in white and a demon known as a cert. The cert wears black clothing and carries a whip and chain. He frightens naughty children, reminding them of the punishment in store for them if they don't mend their ways. (See also Black Peter.)

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(1) (cert) See digital certificate.

(2) (Computer Emergency Response Team) A group of people in an organization who coordinate their response to breaches of security or other computer emergencies such as breakdowns and disasters. Other similar terms are CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) and IRT (Incident Response Team). CERT often refers to the CERT center at Carnegie Mellon University (see CERT/CC).

Countries also develop their own CERT agencies for national security (see US-CERT). See oCERT and vulnerability disclosure.
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Under these operating rules, interest is allocated to a CERT as if the interest expense had been avoided but for the CERT under Prop.
COMEDYMonty Python: The Movies DVDBox Set Cert 15, 361 mins, Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment, DVD pounds 29.99 Box set comprising all four feature films: And Now For Something Completely Different, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and Meaning Of Life.
Empirically assessing the influence of the cert pool poses some significant challenges.
The asymmetry in procedures meant that in death cases in which an execution was set, the conservatives held an effective veto whenever the liberals voted to grant cert. or hold: They could simply refuse consent for a stay.
What we want to know, and what these scholars fail to tell us, is how often the justices vote to grant cert simply to correct an error committed by a lower court.
The DG Rescue said the exercise would raise the competition among teams on standardized CADRE course which would ultimately enhance the capacity of the volunteers on disaster response at grass root level and it would be further helpful in execution of next year community resilience plan by the CERTs.
The "allocable interest deductions" are those deductions allowed for interest on the portion of any indebtedness allocable to a CERT under the principles of Sec.
Stephen will also be leading Cert ID's training courses on key issues facing food manufacturers such as implementing the BRC standard, internal auditing and Practical HACCP.
Much like the neighbors who helped neighbors during that crisis, anyone can help through CERT - the Citizen Emergency Response Team.
Dour Euro-soap offers precious little insight alongside its stark images (Cert 15, 2013) ..
172(b)(1)(E) and (h) limit the ability of a C corporation involved in a corporate equity reduction transaction (CERT) to use post-acquisition NOLs, arising from interest expense deductions in the year in which the CERT occurs (or in either of the two years succeeding that year), in any year prior to that year.