certificate of airworthiness

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certificate of airworthiness (C of A)

A certificate issued by the national certification authority (e.g., Federal Aviation Administration) to aircraft that meet the minimum standard of airworthiness as specified in the relevant regulations. It certifies that the aircraft is safe to fly. It is mandatory for all civil aircraft to have a certificate of airworthiness before starting commercial operation. Cs of A are issued to individual aircraft and also to generic aircraft types (Type Certification in the United States) when the first example of a type is registered. Certificates of airworthiness on individual aircraft are granted in several categories (e.g., private, public transport, aerial work) and must be renewed at specified intervals. Permits to fly are authorizations granted to aircraft, such as homebuilts, vintage airplanes, warbirds, and some simple classic light aircraft, that are not required to meet the standards demanded for a full C of A. They are accordingly restricted in the kinds of operation for which they may be used.
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The original report was headed by the same man who had approved the certificate of airworthiness for the plane, despite the fact that important maintenence records were missing.
TCA exercises control over aeronautics in Canada through the issuance of "Canadian aviation documents", the most important of which are the Air Operator Certificate, the Certificate of Registration and the Certificate of Airworthiness. Air carriers must obtain an Air Operator Certificate for each type of commercial air service that they operate.
Abalos was the airworthiness inspector who issued the certificate of airworthiness for the ill-fated Piper Seneca plane carrying former Interior and Local Government secretary Jesse Robredo which crashed off the waters of Masbate in 2012.CAAP Director General William Hotchkiss initiated the filing of case with the Ombudsman for falsification of public documents and violation of Republic Act No.
In South Africa 58 percent of aircraft do not have a Certificate of Airworthiness Of the 12,500 aircraft registered in the South African Civil Aviation Authority register, only 42.4% (5,300) have been issued with a Certificate of Airworthiness, according to a reply to a DA parliamentary question.
The committee also blamed engine failure and poor management by AviaTour's Fly'n Inc., including Bahinting's supposed connivance with officers of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) for the issuance of a certificate of airworthiness without proper tests.
He admitted being the commander of the Lake LA 4200 aircraft when it did not have a certificate of airworthiness or a permit to fly on August 1 last year.
"While the US Regulation FAR 91 is not applicable in Irish airspace it is the opinion of this Investigation that the planned flight did not comply with the `Special Operating Limitations' attached to the current Certificate of Airworthiness," the AAIU report says.
Algerian transport ministers are planning to suspend Khalifa Airways' certificate of airworthiness. The airline - facing huge debts - was forced to ground its aircraft last week due to insurance problems.
A statement issued after yesterday's working group meeting in Paris said: 'The group noted with satisfaction that Concorde's certificate of airworthiness was likely to be restored simultaneously by the Civil Aviation Authority and the DGAC (France's authority), probably before the end of August 2001.'
Both BA and Air France hope to restart supersonic services with the 13 remaining Concordes by late summer or early autumn once the planes have regained their certificate of airworthiness .

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