certificate of experience

certificate of experience (C of E)

A term used in the UK and in some other countries. The certificate validates a private pilot license for its holder for 13 months and is renewed by flight test or evidence of completing the minimum required flying experience in the preceding 13-month period.
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"Additionally, a certificate of experience must be provided for low-skilled workers."
Firm told to pay up for failing to give certificate of experience
A client certificate of experience should show the nature of the work done, its value, date of start, date of completion as per agreement, actual date of completion and satisfactory completion of work.
After successful completion of one year internship, interns will be awarded NIP certificate of experience.
The firm wanted the court of cassation to overturn the verdicts, claiming that the Arab man had sued them for terminating his contract but not for refusing to give him a certificate of experience.
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