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The following information technology certifications are described in this encyclopedia. See also aptitude tests.

For CertificationIn:                Look Up:

 Adobe products      ACE

 Auditing            CISA

 Document Imaging    CompTIA

 E-Commerce          EC-Council certification
 E-Commerce          CompTIA

 General             CCP

 Internet/intranet   CompTIA

 Linux               CompTIA

 Networking          CompTIA

 Printing            Xplor

 Project Mgt.        CompTIA

 Security            CISSP
 Security            CISM
 Security            CompTIA
 Security            GIAC
 Security            SSCP
 Security            OSCP

 Servers             CompTIA

 Service Tech        CompTIA

 Technical Trainer   CompTIA

 Webmaster           CIWVendor Products Cisco certification Microsoft certification Novell certification Sun certification
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The process of evaluating the accuracy of the documentation on the eligibility of a property for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
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A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.
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A certificate issued by a national aviation regulatory authority (e.g., FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]), stating that this type of aircraft meets all stipulated safety requirements. Certification also indicates that the air and ground crew meet all set qualifications.
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AWS Specialty: The AWS Specialty certification includes 5 certifications: AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty, AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty, AWS Certified Security - Specialty, AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty, AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty.
Wintech Testing and Certification's employees will join and strengthen UL's existing building envelope team.
--Organize a celebration when a nurse obtains certification
If you are one of those people who has formed a decent career in the field of Information Technology and has also gathered the necessary certifications in such fields as CompTIA's Network+ along with the most sought after A+ certifications, an added CEH certification will certainly help increase the understanding in the field of IT security.
"Do you want to share your certification story with your colleagues?
Like trademarks, all three types of certification marks may be registered under the Lanham Act.
Attaining certifications can be a key component in planning for and building a successful, well-respected career in cybersecurity.
Key Two--Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Communication is the most powerful tool to alleviate concerns and frustrations about new policy, systems, and completing the certification process within the two year deadline.
Empowerment from certification is a factor that also motivates nurses to climb the clinical ladder of expertise within their organization.
The Board of Nursing (BON or Board) approved nine additional certifications at the April 2015 Board meeting.
As a result, multifamily industry owners and managers need to be aware that workers must take a 4-hour refresher course to maintain their certification.

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