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A cespitose species will produce either a multistemmed palm (e.
gelatinosa Habit Cespitose Number of leaves 4-6 Leaf rachis length 110-150 cm Middle pinnae shape Linear Middle pinnae length/width ratio 10-12 Middle pinnae apex shape Obliquely praemorse Pinna structure Weakly plicate Inflorescences One per node Pollen With long spines Pistillate sepals length 6 mm Fruit size 12-13 x 13-14 mm Fruit color Red with black apex Infructescences Encased in jelly Table 3.
Large cespitose clusters at the base of living or dead hardwood trees.
In one of the drawings of the Flora Lapponica there is a small cespitose plant with round leaves and small white or pink flowers with the note planta nostra ("our plant").
Paspalum indecorum is a usually glabrous cespitose summer grass, with thick, short and strong rhizomes.
Although palm heart is extracted from many different palms for domestic consumption, at least one species, Prestoea acuminata, is regularly consumed during Easter in Colombia, causing a strong pressure on local populations of this cespitose palm (Gamba Trimino, 2004); although, in practice, this ritual seasonality of use works asa management plan, it is probably not intended as such.
Skottsberg (1953: 871) reported it from "canyon walls and in the forest," and this tall, densely cespitose plant also frequents other habitats, such as thickets, open grassy slopes, and the edges of trails.
and is characterized by its herbaceous and cespitose habit as well the presence of solitary and homogamous terminal capitula, alternating leaves largely petiolate, orbicular, hairy, always subtended by large sessil foliaceous bracts.
Basidiomata up to 6 cm high, up to 2 cm broad, branched in 1-3 ranks, gregarious to densely cespitose, arising from extensive white to ivory-colored ("cartridge buff;" 30A2) resupinate patches and rhizomorphs on well-rotted wood, off-white when young, slowly becoming fleshy tan, cinnamon to dull avellaneous ("avellaneous," "tilleul-buff," "cinnamon," "clay-color," "cinnamon-buff," "cream-buff;" 7B2-3, 6B4-5, 5C6).