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For Ganger, stun belts, like the chain gangs themselves, are a gimmick.
We also had the first female chain gang in the world and it celebrates its fourth birthday in September.
Criticisms of the county chain gangs abounded during the early part of the 20th century.
Actually, beginning with George Washington Cable's The Silent South in 1885, numerous books and essays described the conditions on Southern chain gangs and called for change, including a spate of essays published in Harper's, New Republic, and The Nation between 1931 and 1935.
Joe too believes in the work ethic and to that end has reintroduced the good 'ol American concept of the chain gang.
The male chain gang and the world's first ever female chain gang carry out community work such as cleaning streets and painting over graffiti.
Surprisingly, there is a waiting list to get on one of the Sheriff's chain gangs but this is less surprising when you consider that the alter-native is 23 hour "lock-down".
Beginning with the pioneering exposes of Frank Tannenbaum, Robert Burns and John Spivak, Georgia's convict chain gang has, like its predecessor the convict lease system, been condemned as a harsh, barbaric and brutal form of oppression, with little thought given to rehabilitation.
In the 1940s, chain gangs were outlawed as an appropriate correctional practice.
MORE than a third of the public would welcome the introduction of US-style chain gangs to Britain, a survey shows.
Amnesty International has come down particularly hard on the state of Wisconsin -- which has a place of prominence in the March report for its plan to use the stun belt on chain gangs.
Chain gangs, unfortunately, have become an increasingly common part of the American landscape.