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1. a professorship
2. Railways an iron or steel cradle bolted to a sleeper in which the rail sits and is locked in position
3. short for sedan chair
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What does it mean when you dream about a chair?

A chair may symbolize sitting down to take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. If the dreamer is providing the chair, it’s time to sit for a while with oneself to contemplate new directions. If the chair is being offered, the dreamer should be open for taking advice. If, however, the dreamer finds himself or herself on the “hot seat,” then caution should prevail.

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2. A metal frame, built into a thin partition wall and the floor to support a sanitary fixture (such as a washbasin or water closet) clear of the floor.
3. A device used to support reinforcing bars.
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According to the list, Wale Raji (APC, Lagos) was named chairman, House Services; Abdulrazak Namdas, former speakership aspirant, chairman Committee on Army; Aliyu Betara (APC, Borno), who also stepped down from speakership race, was name chairman, House Committee on Appropriations; Abiodun Faleke (APC, Lagos), chairman House Committee on Finance; Yemi Adaramodu (APC, Ekiti), Youths Development; and Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo (APC, Ondo), Niger Delta Development Commission.
The chairman Senate stated in his ruling that the post of Chairman Senate and Deputy Chairman Senate would become vacant under article 61 and paragraph (G) of clause (7) of article 53 of the constitution and for it a seven day notice would be given after its approval by majority members of the Senate.
The report revealed that the meeting, which was attended by the aides of both leaders, unanimously agreed to oust Sanjrani, who was elected as the chairman of the Upper House in March last year as a joint candidate of PPP and PTI.
In the meeting, it was decided that the provincial government would issue separate notifications for the appointment of each development authority chairman.
Senator Raza Rabbani said that according to rules, if NAB chairman summons any member, he would have to inform the Senate Chairman.
Sheikh Bawoh, Board Chairman of SLRSA is one of President Bio's reliable supporters.
2 Tan Sri Mohamed Fatmi Che Salleh (Deputy Chairman)
The session will resume at 4:00 pm same day to elect the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Upper House.
Sanjrani, the joint candidate for all opposition parties will contest against the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N candidate for the post of Senate chairman, he added.
Sources said the ruling party and its allies agreed to field Raza Rabbani for Senate chairman slot.
Earlier today, the PPP also claimed to have the required number of votes to elect their own Senate chairman and deputy chairman.

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