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The region at the base of the nucellus of an ovule; gives rise to the integuments.
(cell and molecular biology)
One of the paired, spiral, albuminous bands in a bird's egg that attach the yolk to the shell lining membrane at the ends of the egg.
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the basal part of the ovule where the seed stalk attaches the ovule to the placenta.

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Six conical protuberances (or enlarged chalazae), in different sizes, on middorsal to lateral area; color varies from creamy white to dark brown; bearing a single seta at apex.
The layers are the chalaziferous layer which is continuous with the chalazae which hold the yolk in place, the inner thin layer, the firm or thick layer and the outer thin layer.
The white string-like thing around the yolk ending in a small clump is a chalazae. It anchors the yolk (and perhaps developing chick) and keeps it centered.