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A small tumor of the eyelid formed by retention of tarsal gland secretions. Also known as a Meibomian cyst.



a chronic inflammation in the meibomian glands resulting in the formation of a solid nodule, 5–6 mm or more in size, lodged within the eyelid and deforming it. The nodule sometimes bursts open of its own accord. The condition is treated by applying an ointment of yellow mercury or potassium iodide; when large, the nodules may be removed by surgical means.

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Recurrent or multiple chalazia, acutely inflamed lesions and patients with contraindications /previous known ocular side effects of steroids were excluded.
Out of 92 patients who were recruited in the study, 89 completed the follow-up protocol, the remaining 3 patients who did not come for 2nd follow-up visit, were contacted on the phone and asked about the resolution of their chalazia.
According to the study results of Kaimbo and Nkidiaca, the intralesional steroid use in chalazia of 25 patients had a success rate of 72%, which is slightly lower than our study results6.
Chalazia that fail to respond to conservative management may be treated with intralesional steroids.
If, after one-two months of conservative therapy or two-four weeks of intralesional steroid therapy, the chalazia has not resolved, surgical resection is the only recourse.
Treatment of chalazia with corticosteroid injections.
All the lesions were injected in the same sitting in case of multiple and bilateral chalazia.
RESULTS: Of the 30 patients, who underwent intralesional triamcinolone injection, 13 patients had multiple chalazia and 2 had bilateral chalazia.
Chalazia are composed of chronic inflammatory cells, viz histiocytes, multinucleated giant cells, lymphocytes, plasma cells, a few polymorphonuclear leucocytes and eosinophils.
Most the patients had experienced chronic painless mass and had failed to respond to warm compresses and local antibiotics and chalazia had reached stationary size.
3% success in treating chalazia with Triamcinolone; 75% success rate was reported by Prasad (9).