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These include arseniosiderite, bromargyrite, cabalzarite, chalcophyllite, clinoclase, clinotyrolite, cobaltkoritnigite, cornubite, fornacite, geminite, litharge, mottramite, nickellotharmeyerite, novacekite, parnauite, powellite, uvarovite, walentaite, wulfenite, yukonite and zalesiite.
Chalcophyllite [Cu.sub.9]Al[(OH)[.sub.12](S[O.sub.4])[.sub.1.5](As[O.sub.4])[.sub.2]] x 18[H.sub.2]O
Of these, Ernesto felt fairly confident in naming scorodite, powellite, lotharmeyerite, and zincroselite, and he suspected that lavendulan, chalcophyllite and sainfeldite were present as well.
This time, at the Main Show, he had four flats of very bright, pretty specimens of chalcophyllite which he had dug in August 2006 in the old underground workings of the Majuba Hill mine, Pershing County, Nevada.
There were Cornish and Russian specimens aplenty: chalcophyllite, torbernite, liroconite crystals to 1 cm, chalcocite crystals to 2 cm, olivenite, copper, crocoite, cerussite, feldspar crystals, etc.
A 12-cm specimen of chalcophyllite from Wheal Gorland, collected ca.
A rare specimen in the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum case caught this writer's eye: a lovely chalcophyllite from Rancaqua, Chile.
In the fossil wood many mineral species have been found, including copper, chalcocite, volborthite, cornubite, chalcophyllite, zeunerite, connellite and many others.
It yielded good crystals of volborthite, chalcophyllite and other arsenates.
In the Executive Inn room just next door to mine I found Scott Kleine of Great Basin Minerals (3895 Lisa Ct., Apt C, Reno, NV 89503-1125) with some very nice thumbnails of chalcophyllite which he collected two months ago in the Copper Stope of the Majuba Hill mine, Antelope district, Pershing County, Nevada.
These include scorodite, chalcophyllite, connellite and clinoclase.
Agnes, liroconite crystals on matrix from Huel Gorland, beautiful chalcophyllite groups, botryoidal malachite from Wheal Unity, gold nuggets, superb cubic and octahedral cuprite crystals on matrix, lustrous jet-black sphalerite crystals, blue-tarnished chalcopyrite crystals on quartz, torbernite and autunite crystals, phenakite crystals from St.