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chalky, chalked

Descriptive of the condition of a porcelain enameled surface that has lost its natural gloss and become powdery.
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"Center Road" sticks with the chalky theme of this year's tournament with his/her Sweet 16 picks, picking the eight higher-seeded teams to win.
A The "chalky" surface comes from the existing paint on the building breaking down from old age and sun damage.
This was strange as Chalky was chipped as a young pup and she was also sporting a very fetching pink diamante spangled collar with her name and number on it.
An audience member said some people left after he defended Chalky - and many were shocked as the 64-year-old laughed off claims he hit third wife Alison Holloway.
IF soil fizzes when dropped in vinegar then it is too chalky, or has too much lime, for growing rhododendrons or ericaceous camellias.
The sticky situation left Chalky, seven, needing vets' treatment to gently prise open his locked jaws.
An example of top-down perception is when memory of chalky soils and fossils observed when visiting a vineyard could bias a taster to actually "taste" mineral characteristics in a wine from a particular vineyard just as color has been shown to bias us to smell red wine characters in white wines that have been colored red with odorless anthocyanin.
A glass is filled with chalky water from the tap and carried to a
When you walked out of the whale the hem of your robe brushed his chalky tongue.
There will be the occasional thoughts being cast back to "I wonder what happened to old Chalky White on HMS Rustybucket?" Well a lot have found out what happened to their 'Old Chalky White' because lots of the ships have Associations, full of their old shipmates and a new monthly service has recently started to help find all of the other 'Old Chalkies' or whoever is being looked for.