chambered nautilus

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chambered nautilus:

see nautilusnautilus
or chambered nautilus,
cephalopod mollusk belonging to the sole surviving genus (Nautilus) of a subclass that flourished 200 million years ago, known as the nautiloids.
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The Chambered Nautilus never looked more handsomely masculine, its prose glittering like the back of a surfacing whale.
Unlike its namesake the chambered nautilus, which is permanently attached within its shell, the paper nautilus uses its specialized tentacles to hold onto its "shell" and keep it from washing away.
SHELL-STOCKED From pillows to picture frames and this mother-of-pearl jewel box ($450) topped with chambered nautilus shell, FantaSea celebrates the sea's beauty.
Seashell, 31 indeed resembles a chambered nautilus cut into being with crisp, angular shapes of pinks, reds, and plums in warm electric tones; Damaged, 46 is formally attired in pitch black, grays, and white and recalls shattered crystal.
The deepest layer contains traces of seafloor burrows and large numbers of phosphate nodules that include the fossils of ammonites, the extinct relatives of today's chambered nautilus.
Hearing students say "I like it because it is nice" was soon replaced with "the Chambered Nautilus is a quiet painting of a young girl and it makes me wonder what she is thinking.
Among his other works are the poems Chambered Nautilus, The (1858) and Wonderful One-Hoss Shay,The (1858) and the psychological novel Elsie Venner (1861).