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In particular, the Preobrazhenskoe Chancellery and Romodanovskii personally would be responsible for its implementation.
A National Jury is established in each Member State, responsible for the selection of the proposed candidates, and the final selection of the winners is made by the European Citizen's Prize Chancellery in Brussels.
Two explosions hit an area near the Kuwaiti embassy and the Iranian Cultural Chancellery in Beirut on Wednesday morning.
Rui Vieira/PA Wire) GERMANY The Egypt flag waves in front of the chancellery photographed between activists of the human rights organisation Amnesty International with Nefertiti masks protesting against the visit of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi prior to his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber) S.
According to the Daily Mail, Vandivert, who was the first western photographer to be permitted into the bunker that lay beneath the destroyed Reich Chancellery, said that the pictures were made in candlelight and his team beat the other photographers by 40 minutes to enter the bunker.
Ivanishvili said in Yerevan, during the Jan 17 meeting with Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II, the Press Chancellery of the Mother
1945: Adolf Hitler shot himself dead in his underground bunker beneath the Chancellery in Berlin.
The Fuhrer's personal photographer Hugo Jaeger was granted access to his apartment at the Chancellery in Berlin and to his Berghof estate in Bavaria.
Erdogan attended a ceremony in Bishkek to inaugurate the new chancellery building of the Turkish Embassy.
The week is held by Iranian Cultural Chancellery in Damascus in cooperation with the General Organization for Cinema in Syria and the Institution of International Festival for Resistance Films in Iran.
If this (volcanic ash) could affect events and if some participants are not able to arrive, then such an option (delay) could be considered," Jacek Sasin, an official in the president's chancellery, told RMF FM radio.