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, chancellory
1. the building or room occupied by a chancellor's office
2. the position, rank, or office of a chancellor
3. US
a. the residence or office of an embassy or legation
b. the office of a consulate
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chancellery, chancellory

1.A chancellor’s office or a building containing one.
2. The official premises of a diplomatic envoy abroad.
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Both said they learned of the meeting's content from other CUNY members, the chancellory and a newspaper article.
It never reached Hitler, however, since the Reich Chancellory and Hitler's secretary refused to submit it.(32)
IT WAS THE FUHRER'S intent that Berlin no longer be known as Babylon on the Spree, but rather the "World City of the Future." He explained: "What is ugly in Berlin, we shall remove, and Berlin shall now be given the very best that can be made." And when visitors entered his chancellory, they should "have the feeling that they are visiting the masters of the world." His architect, Albert Speer, would rebuild the nation's capital with an emphasis on axial orientation and, in David Clay Large's words, "hyperthyroid neoclassicism."
These include chapters by Elisabeth Lalou on the royal chancellory and the possible identity of Chaillou de Pesstain, Malcolm Vale on the royal courts, and Wathey on Gerves du Bus and his circle.
Interview subjects Germans Government officials Chancellory 3 Foreign Ministry 8 Defense Ministry 6 German Embassy, Washington, D.C.
"Personnel in Public Administration." In Federal Chancellory, ed., Public Administration in Austria.
In the rabbi's opinion (as he advocated to the First Lady), Washington and London needed to distinguish officially between sympathy for suffering Jewry and Palestine's development as a Jewish homeland, on the one hand, and Zionist political objectives, "to which no chancellory in the world has either pledged itself or would at this juncture pledge itself," on the other.
Hence the meaning of manuscrever, the art of handwriting these books well, the ability to write clearly and correctly italics and notarial and chancellory type styles in longhand that computers are making a thing of the past.
(27.) The official reasons were contained in the Note from MWRiOP to the Chief of the Civil Chancellory of the President of 18 February 1930--AAN/MWRiOP, file 959.
A step in this direction is a new product from Chancellory Software called the CSL Curriculum Orchestrator for Educators.
Their services were enlisted to assist the prince in the formal organization, in the Hindu manner, of his patrimonial bureaucratic rule and status structure and to consecrate the prince as a legitimate Raja or Maharaja in the sense of the Hindu Dharmasastras, Brahmanas, and Puranas".(6) Therefore, according to Van Leur, in Indonesia, too, the transmitters of Hindu civilization were a small group of influential Brahmans, summoned by Indonesian princes to their courts for their powers of consecration and perhaps also their chancellory skills.
In fact, the head of the Estonian Chancellory found more than geographical similarities.