change of the moon

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new moon

The moon at conjunction, when little or none of it is visible to an observer on the earth because the illuminated side is away from the person. Also called the change of the moon or the dark of the moon. See age of the moon.
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I wondered about Bola in At the Full and Change of the Moon .
There seems to be a real love and interest in that figure, because she comes up in all your writing There is Adele in In Another Place, Not Here, and Marie-Ursule, and Bola in At the Full and Change of the Moon.
Se At the Full and Change of the Moon sao as personagens que seguem os rastros para reconstruirem o passado e a historia de Marie Ursule e Bola, em A Mercy sao os leitores que seguem as pistas deixadas pelas narrativas das varias personagens procurando desvendar aos poucos os trilhamentos deixados.
Se em At the Full and Change of the Moon esse trabalho de reconstrucao e resgate da memoria e feito aos moldes de um arqueologo, que procura registrar os residuos do passado para reconstruir a historia, em A Mercy e a tarefa do detetive que esmiuca as pistas em busca da solucao de um crime inominavel que recebe destaque.
At the beginning of At the Full and Change of the Moon, it mentions the Caribs and the Arawaks who are becoming extinct after their 2000 year trek across the Andes and up to these islands, and after their long devastation.