channel bar

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channel iron, channel bar

A rolled iron or steel bar whose U-shaped cross section is formed by a broad central section, called a web, with a flange on either side.
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It comes with a news item list that displays all the news items from the currently selected channel; channels are listed in the channel bar on the left.
A groundwater monitoring system installed at the study site has shown that the phreatic surface within the lateral channel bar remains approximately horizontal.
Vertical stacking of sandstones is the signature of channel bar and channel fill deposits of aggrading low sinuosity streams which migrate laterally across an alluvial plain (Gordon and Bridge, 1987).
ARC Six-Foot Panel Display - The high quality, easy to assemble ARC includes a Self-Locking 6ft frame, five hinged channel bars, cylindrical case, Lifetime warranty, 200 watt halogen clamp on lamp and full color durable graphic panels.
It is possible there to identify the environments in the Caballos Formation, including fluvial channels in the lower part (Unit U1), tidal channels (units U2 and U3), tidal flat marsh and crevasse splays, with the possible presence of channel bars. The interpretation map of figure 8A is geologically consistent with a previous interpretation map done by Amaya (1997) in Figure 8B, but a better discrimination of the channel and the other facies are visible in Figure 8A.