channel bar

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channel iron, channel bar

A rolled iron or steel bar whose U-shaped cross section is formed by a broad central section, called a web, with a flange on either side.
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It comes with a news item list that displays all the news items from the currently selected channel; channels are listed in the channel bar on the left.
A groundwater monitoring system installed at the study site has shown that the phreatic surface within the lateral channel bar remains approximately horizontal.
Channel bar bent shelves inside: channel model 25 min.
Tenders are invited for Auto manual station and Single / Dual channel bar graph Indicator
Limited Tenders are invited for Single Channel Bar Graph Indicator - 2.
The Contract is to carry out maintenance dredging funds consisting primarily of alluvial sandy sludge, in locations across the Tagus estuary, with special geographical focus on the north bank between Alges and Bishop pit, and dredging quotas They vary across sites from the -2m -3M (zh) on the docks or shelters or channels to -17,5m (zh) in the Channel Bar.