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channel, 1
1. A structural or rolled steel shape used in steel construction.
2. A decorative groove, in carpentry or masonry.
3. An enclosure containing the ballast, starter, lamp holders, and wiring for a fluorescent lamp, or a similar enclosure on which filament lamps (usually tubular) are mounted.
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Sets of channel sections of the base frame were modelled with shell99, assuming the location of the nodes on the external surface of the element (Fig 4).
Next, an unusual RF process of U channel section is analyzed.
Finally, we are including a Product Channel section featuring new products that are part of the technologies covered in the education tutorials of the ECN Design Network (
Select and mark a reasonably straight and uniform channel section about 100 meters long.
Stiffened by being bent into a channel section, the blades accommodate the glazing that sits between each blade, each glass strip being subtly inclined as ascending panes are overlapped and sealed with a simple bead; a highly inventive, yet deceptively simple integrated solution, bolted to vertical 36mm square hollow sections that span between concrete slabs.
Gaming solutions provider Gamesys has deployed an instant win games area in the Games Channel section of, a London-centric news and information web site.
They conducted a field investigation to verify that tile drainage made no contribution to channel flow within the chosen channel section. They also aimed to determine if the channel banks were high enough to prevent surface runoff into the channel.
They agreed to cover the rests of applicable assessments for properties that had already been developed as well as right-of-way costs associated with the new channel section. The city's contribution to the project would be nearly 20 percent of estimated project costs, or roughly $1,060,000.
Another AAIB investigator Christopher Protheroe told how the type of damage caused to an aluminium channel section of the plane was completely unlike anything he would normally expect to see after an air accident.