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channel, 1
1. A structural or rolled steel shape used in steel construction.
2. A decorative groove, in carpentry or masonry.
3. An enclosure containing the ballast, starter, lamp holders, and wiring for a fluorescent lamp, or a similar enclosure on which filament lamps (usually tubular) are mounted.
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The other category includes natural frequencies and mode shapes related to the local movement of the sets of channel sections of the base frame.
Because the Maillefer, Geyer, and Lacher designs are similar, an unwrapped channel section of the Maillefer design is representative of the melting-section dimensions of the Uniroyal/Geyer and NRM/Lacher designs as well--so the latter two are not analyzed separately.
The assumptions that no surface runoff enters the channel section and evaporation is negligible simplify the hydrograph computation.
The T-junctions have a shallow sweep oriented downstream along the main channel section and the upstream side of each join has a concrete lip designed to redirect flow.
com (Sofia News Agency) decided to launch its Diplomatic Channel section after it was approached with a request to publish an opinion article by His Excellency Guo Yezhou, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Bulgaria.
If the user's channel starts to get a lot of viewing on their channel, it will be moved into the subscription channel section and offered for sale for $1.
The program is designed to further explore the Bruce Channel section of the Gold Eagle Mine Property.
Tenders are invited for Restoration of cuts and Channel Section of DOL at RD 79650 M of Main Ravi Canal.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 47E Exchanger Channel Section
Tenders are invited for Procurement of CDU-III Exchanger Components : Supply of 42-E-37 Monel Cladd, 42-E-43 Monel Cladd, 42-E-46B Monel Excha, Carbon Steel Exchanger Channel Section, 47-E-003 Carbon Steel Exchanger Shell.
Starting today, coverage of the world famous sporting event will be shown on the Wimbledon Channel section of the official Wimbledon website (www.