river engineering

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river engineering

[′riv·ər ‚en·jə‚nir·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
A branch of transportation engineering consisting of the physical measures which are taken to improve a river and its banks.

River engineering

A branch of civil engineering that involves the control and utilization of rivers for the benefit of humankind. Its scope includes river training, channel design, flood control, water supply, navigation improvement, hydraulic structure design, hazard mitigation, and environmental enhancement. River engineering is also necessary to provide protection against floods and other river disasters. The emphasis is often on river responses, long-term and short-term, to changes in nature, and stabilization and utilization, such as damming, channelization, diversion, bridge construction, and sand or gravel mining. Evaluation of river responses is essential at the conceptual, planning, and design phases of a project and requires the use of fundamental principles of river and sedimentation engineering. See Canal, Dam

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For the Gomti River Channelisation project in the year 2014-15, an amount of Rs.
An important phase of channelisation took place in Europe during the 19th century, when many large rivers were straightened and their beds deepened.
Channelisation of forex inflow of incoming traffic as well as monetary transactions with foreign operators would be through the StateBank of Pakistan; and six monthly account audit and stabilisation of call rates will be ensured by the PTA, the sources continued.
The sewerage treatment plant of Mauripur has a capacity of treating 96 million gallons of sewage but it never worked to its full capacity due to a lack of channelisation of sewage flow.
5 GHz profile with channelisation in the 7 MHz, but this will be futile since in most countries worldwide, this band is reserved for fixed services due to regulatory issues.
Install a right turn lane and channelisation including the provision of a bike lane though the intersection and improve lighting
The government has taken another important step to curb the generation and channelisation of black money by introducing Benami Transactions Bill (Transaction through unknown sources) 2011, which will replace Benami Transactions Prohibitions Act 1988.
A source said that the outer cordon will comprise of traffic regulation, CCTV cameras, ' soft' checks and authorised access while there would be a middle cordon where there will be channelisation of spectators and physical segregation for the sake of security by metal detectors.
All licensees will be obliged to file reports on the volumes, sources and destinations of international incoming minutes, and PTA shall audit their itemised call records and billing systems with the objective of detecting and eliminating fraud; and (c) channelisation of forex inflow of incoming traffic as well as monetary transactions with foreign operators be made through the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
Several factors were identified that limit riparian buffer performance, including exfiltration, flow channelisation, scour, and low vegetation density.
Investment should be encouraged through channelisation of migrant savings, simplification of procedures, linking of institutional facilities with migrants', savings, provision of supervised loans and credits, opening of special counters in banks, and other agencies and to encourage import of modern agricultural and other professional equipment.