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The all-girl choir made its final appearance in 2001 after a decade of performing, but a number of members came together later to form The Chanterelles with musical director Dr Shirley Court, who had originally led the youth choir.
With around 30 members The Chanterelles perform in a range of concerts and competitions.
Also called horn of plenty, the black trumpet, a chanterelle relative, packs a rich flavor with fruity undertones into its demure fluted form.
From Bernardus' Chanterelle and Elderflower Martini to the succulent Squab "Cailette" with Porcini and Sauce Perigord, the seductive qualities of the mushroom have outpaced most screen sirens.
Fresh lobster, chanterelle mushroom risotto, sophisticated samphire salad and sea buckthorn sorbet - all these gastronomic delights can be yours - for free
I reckon that I can now identify the two edible types of chanterelle but that's about as far as my knowledge currently goes.
There is no mistaking hen-of-the-woods, chicken-of-the-woods, morels, chanterelles, Boletus edulis, shaggy mane, purple-spored puffball and Suillus pictus.
BITE CHANTERELLES ROOM, wORCESTER You can go to the tea room and catch a glimpse of the house and the outskirts of the gardens without having to pay the entrance fee.
To provide vitamin I data for SR 22 for almost all mushrooms commonly found in grocery stores, a study to analyze White, Portabella (including commercially UV exposed now available at retail), Maitake, Enoki, Shiitake, Oyster, Crimini, Morel, and Chanterelle mushrooms was undertaken in co-operation with the Nutrient Data Laboratory.
Fresh chanterelles are known for their nutty flavor and are super when sauteed slowly in butter until tender.
When Ann forages for mushrooms, the writing quietly sings: "Rising, she found chanterelles buried in the interstices of liverworts and in the shadows of windfalls.