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(1) Polyphonic songs of the 15th and 16th centuries. The chansons, which were preceded by the ballades, virelays, and rondeaux of Guillaume de Machaut (14th century), were developed by Franco-Flemish composers of the Netherlands school. In the 16th century they took on a strikingly national character and were often imitative and descriptive in nature; at the same time, homophony became more predominant. In this period chansons were written by C. Jannequin, the greatest composer of the French Renaissance, and by such composers as C. Sermisy, P. Moulu, P. Certon, G. Costeley, C. Le Jeune, and C. Goudimel. In the early 17th century the chanson was superseded by the homophonic art song.

(2) Songs of the French music hall of the late 19th and 20th century. The music hall singers—the chansonniers—often themselves compose, or help compose, the music and words of the chansons they perform.


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La mise en scene a ete feerique, et a donne l'impression au le public qu'il assiste a un vrai mariage marocain, la chanteuse ayant majestueusement anime la scene a travers une parade haute en couleurs, le tout dans une ambiance hautement festive.
Comment definiriez-vous le travail d'une chanteuse jazz?
La disparition de la chanteuse d'expression kabyle, Cherifa, decedee a l'age de 86 ans, est une grande perte pour le patrimoine musical algerien, ont souligne plusieurs artistes.
With her third album, the 29-year-old chanteuse tackles status quo gender roles (``Kote Don''), love (``M'bifo'') and poverty (``Manian'') utilizing a variety of traditional instruments including African lute.
Le public algerois etait invite a explorer l'univers musical particulier, fait de rencontres et de fusions improbables, de la chanteuse algero-bresilienne, Anissa Bensalah, qui a anime, jeudi dernier au soir, un concert a Alger.
Ely Guerra: ``Sweet and Sour, Hot y Spicy'' (Higher Octave) The fourth release from the Mexican alt-rock chanteuse is like two six-track albums in one and includes production from Control Machete's Toy Hernandez and Cafe Tacuba's Emmanuel del Real.
One of the many solid decisions George Clooney made with his film,``Good Night, and Good Luck'' was to use chanteuse Dianne Reeves to evoke the movie's smoky 1950s setting.
Yet not even the welcome inclusion of live B sides (his perfectly pained rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me") and benefit-album cuts (a duet with Brazilian chanteuse Astrud Gilberto on "Desafinado") can compensate for the fact that Michael's moodier, echodrenched moments tend to closely resemble each other.
La chanteuse Nora, decedee dimanche dernier a l'age de 72 ans dans un hopital parisien, a ete inhumee, jeudi dernier, a Sidi-Yahia.
En plus, si on ecoute de la musique sublime a travers la voix d'une belle chanteuse qui n'est que la chanteuse marocaine Naziha Meftah, cela ne peut que nous amener vers d'autres horizons lumineux qui nous plongent dans des reves merveilleux, et qui nous aident meme a penser a la belle vie, et a notre existence splendide dans ce monde-la .
Fortunately for Bush, the sensual, spellbinding British chanteuse behind the 1985 hit ``Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),'' that isn't the case.
As its author and star, playing the "internationally ignored" East German chanteuse of dubious gender Hedwig Schmidt, John Cameron Mitchell has rightly created a sensation.