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(1) Polyphonic songs of the 15th and 16th centuries. The chansons, which were preceded by the ballades, virelays, and rondeaux of Guillaume de Machaut (14th century), were developed by Franco-Flemish composers of the Netherlands school. In the 16th century they took on a strikingly national character and were often imitative and descriptive in nature; at the same time, homophony became more predominant. In this period chansons were written by C. Jannequin, the greatest composer of the French Renaissance, and by such composers as C. Sermisy, P. Moulu, P. Certon, G. Costeley, C. Le Jeune, and C. Goudimel. In the early 17th century the chanson was superseded by the homophonic art song.

(2) Songs of the French music hall of the late 19th and 20th century. The music hall singers—the chansonniers—often themselves compose, or help compose, the music and words of the chansons they perform.


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Al Bayane: Dans le cadre de la 14 e AaAaAeA@dition du Festival des Andalousi Atlantiques AaAaAeA Essaouira, vous avez interprAaAaAeA@tAaAaAeA@ [beaucoup moins qu Oumri[beaucoup plus grand que] de la diva Oum Kalthoum et Sawah de rossignol Abdel Halim Hafez ainsi que d'autres chansons avec la chanteuse palestinienne Loubna Salama.
Le rapport devoile des detournements de fond et des suspicions de corruption pendant l'organisation des concerts de la chanteuse americaine a Tunis.
Au cours de son second sejour a Lisbonne de 1726 a 1728, l'artiste s'imposa comme la meilleure chanteuse espagnole a un moment oo les autres interpretes feminines de talent, entre autres Francisca de Castro, avaient deja quitte le Portugal.
La 6eme edition du festival "Voix de Femmes" aura lieu du 22 au 24 aout courant a Tetouan avec la participation d'un parterre de chanteuses en provenance de la Mediterranee, des voix exceptionnelles issues du Maroc, mais aussi d'Espagne et d'Egypte.
Of course, having won for playing her nation's most beloved chanteuse, Cotillard knows something about respecting great artists.
The fabulous Beccy Owen is famed for being many things: tunesmith, band leader, chanteuse, hit maker.
Lead singer Inara George is the unlikely spawn of Little Feat front man Lowell George--born of nitty-gritty rock and roll and now a swan-necked chanteuse whose vocals continually float high up into the ether.
Lyricist and singer Crystal Joy is in jeans, but as soon as she opens her mouth, she becomes a steamy chanteuse delivering saucy lines: "I'll be the sugar in your cup of tea .
In one verdant square the chanteuse works a grass skirt; in the other, the jungle garment is seen close-up, worn sexily hip-low to reveal a bright red thong.
She personifies the definition of a chanteuse more than anyone I can think of.
SING a winning song with Vagabond Chanteuse at Ascot today as canny Yorkshire trainer Tim Etherington bids for a second win on a southern track in just over a week.