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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A rhythmic repetition of words, chants can be an important ingredient of spells. They can have an almost hypnotic effect and allow the mind to focus on the object of the magic being worked, without the worker having to consciously think of the words. In this way power can more easily be raised. Often the words are sung to a simple tune or are accompanied by a rhythmic drumming, hand-clapping, or dancing.

Prayer is universal. Every religion throughout the world, in all places and at all times, uses prayer. In many religions the prayers are chanted. Eliphas Levi (1810-1875), the French magician, said, "In magic, to have said is to have done; to affirm and will what ought to be, is to create." In other words, words are necessary to bring about change, which is what magic is. It has also been said that magic consists of two parts: things said and things done. Chants are frequently the "things said" part.

Chants either rhyme or have a heavy, sonorous beat that contributes to a gradually rising state of excitement, adding to the power produced. In Witchcraft, when raising power to work magic, Witches will chant as they dance clockwise about the circle, altering their consciousness and building their emotions, gradually increasing the tempo until it feels as if the power will burst forth. At that time, the spell is released.

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