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one of the pamphlets formerly sold in Europe and America by itinerant agents, or "chapmen." Chapbooks were inexpensive—in England often costing only a penny—and, like the broadside, they were usually anonymous and undated. The texts typically were similar to those of current tabloid newspapers and therefore reveal much about the popular taste of the 16th, 17th, and 18th cent. The term is occasionally used to refer to old manuscripts showing national character through the use of vernacular expressions.
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Blevins' chapbook deepens her ongoing exploration into the subjects which have always been the focus of her poetry: babies, mortality and mother love.
This list of poets includes Ramsay, Fergusson, Pindar, Gottfried August Burger and Ralph Erskine, a mixture of classical and modern authors that included even a German poet whose ballad, 'Lenora', was repeatedly translated in Scotland and Britain more widely, with Brash and Reid issuing the poem as a chapbook in 1796.
Her chapbook, Flyover, was published by Q Ave Press in 2012.
In addition to subject and general indexes, the 2007 edition contains several special indexes: chapbook publishers, book publishers, openness to submissions, and geographical.
The Book of the Penis (Grove, 1999); and Elephant (Groundwater Press, 1990), a chapbook of sestinas.
Schizo-Latte: #14 in the Pocatello Blend Chapbook Series
Rattle and was published as a chapbook the follow ing year.
Burns scholars have differed in the attention they have paid to its earlier separate appearances in chapbook form.
authored No Harbor (L + S Press, 2014), a chapbook of poems.
LAURA BYLENOK'S poetry appears in Pleiades, Guernica, Subtropics, North American Review, and elsewhere, and her chapbook, a/0, is available from DIAGRAM/ New Michigan Press.
The commonplace chapbook is but one small-scale example of the inventive genres that make up Dorothy Wordsworth's corpus, which ranges from the hand-sewn books of her travel writings, to the artful composition of her journals, to the extensive transcriptions of her brother's poetry, to the poems that cluster and fragment and fill out and break off across her journals, notebooks, albums, and commonplace book.