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a Christian clergyman attached to a private chapel of a prominent person or institution or ministering to a military body, professional group, etc



in the Catholic and Anglican churches:

(1) A clegyman in charge of a chapel or home church and also an assistant parish priest.

(2) A clergyman in the army; in bourgeois states, as a rule, the chaplain has the rank of an officer or general. In addition to his religious functions, the chaplain is also responsible for the political convictions and morale of the soldiers and officers.

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Readers are left to wonder why it is the churches that must change their own moral authority in this area, and not the individual chaplain who must act as a prophet for peace.
The Army Chaplain Center and School has a Capabilities Development Integration Directorate responsible for actively engaging in the capabilities development process of the Chaplain Corps.
As chaplains in DAV, we can further minimize those issues by understanding a few additional principles that should guide us.
Rev Peter H Lolley Works Chaplain, Tata Steel, Port Talbot Works
The TCC has been actively involved with all levels of the Chaplain Corps from the Chief of Chaplains down to the Battalion Chaplain.
The Northern Congress adopted a bill in July of 1861 that permitted each regiment's commander, on a vote of his field officers, to appoint a regimental chaplain so long as he was "a regularly ordained minister of some Christian denomination.
The standards require a clinically-trained chaplain (with specialized training in clinical pastoral education (CPE) or equivalent) who is also endorsed as a chaplain by an appropriate religious-certifying body.
An Anglican priest who has been a military chaplain for over 25 years, Padre Fletcher was installed as the forces' new chaplain general in September.
In all, 1,253 Canadian clergy served as full-time Canadian military chaplains in the navy (Naval Chaplaincy Service), army (the Canadian Chaplain Service), and air force (Chaplain Service).
What is the role of the Chaplain Branch in the Canadian Armed Forces?
Although a chaplain may work with an EA professional to assist with an illness, death, or other periods of stress, as noted the services complement, but are not the same as, an EAP.
The Chaplains of the East India Company, 1601-1858.