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chapter house,

a building in which the chapter of the clergy meets. Its plan varies, the simplest being a rectangle. At Worcester, England, the Norman builders created a circular chapter house (c.1100), with vaulting springing from a central pillar. Subsequent examples, adopting this central support for their vaulted roofs but frequently having a polygonal plan, are among the most distinctive achievements of the English Gothic builders. Those at Salisbury, Wells, and Westminster Abbey (1250) are octagonal, while that at Lincoln is decagonal. At York, the octagonal room (c.1300) exhibits a departure in that it dispenses with the central column and is covered with a vaulted wooden roof.

Chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; usually a building that is attached to a hall for gatherings; occasionally contains living quarters for members of such groups.

chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; occasionally also contains living quarters for members of such a group.
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Many chapter houses also boasted shrines of early abbots (as mentioned earlier in relation to Rievaulx and Melrose) recognized as saints, which radiated the intrinsic power of relics.
The most striking example of this fluidity of function was in the chapter house, which was one of the most important buildings within the monastic precinct and served a variety of purposes central to the spiritual and practical functions of the community of Cistercian monks.
This exclusivity of the Cistercian space made the occasions when lay people were admitted to the monastic church or the chapter house particularly meaningful and desirable.
The chapter house was also a space of some fluidity, the status of which changed in relation to the functions performed there.
This would allow the chapter houses to have the same computing capacity as the college.
With the Little Fe technology, chapter houses will become educational hubs, Davis says.
38) But Baltrusaitis's main thesis concerns the relation between members of the Minim Order - Jean Francois Niceron, Emanuel Maignan, and Marin Mersenne - and Descartes, who maintained a close affiliation with the Parisian Minim chapter house near Place Royale by way of his friendship and correspondence with Mersenne.
Her goal is to set up a central facility where people from all over the country can learn how to train the dogs, then return home to set up their own chapter house.
To open a chapter house, Reecher requires the woman of the house have a need for personal protection dogs.

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