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The character code system divides people among types you will remember from high school and college.
The vast majority of nontrivial decompositions are indeed a mapping from a character code to a character sequence.
Allergan's customer requirement specification included the following inspection points: the 2-D matrix code (printed legibly on the vial); proper sealing of the plastic trays; the correct attachment of the label onto the tray's lid; a character code printed twice on the label and the error-free affixing of the code applied with a laser system to the folding carton.
ASCII character code definitions, reserved words in C and formal specifications for input and output.
These gifts recognize the donors as promoters of the district's character code for participants and spectators.
Trinity Baptist Church - "The Great Kingdom Caper - Cracking the Character Code" is the theme of a Vacation Bible School to be held from 9 a.m.
Personal computers, as they evolved in the United States for English language speakers used a 7-bit character code known as ASCII (American Standard Code of Information Interchange) with one bit reserved for error checking.
Without a standard unified character code, patrons must use different software and terminals to display or enter data in different languages, especially when dealing with multiscripts.