Character Dance

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Character Dance


one of the expressive means of the ballet; a type of stage dance. Originally, the term “character dance” denoted a dance representative of a certain character, such as the dances performed in intermezzi or the dances inspired by artisans, peasants, or robbers. Later, the choreographer C. Blasis applied the term to all folk dances included in ballet performances, and it is this meaning that has survived to the present day. Choreographers and dancers of the classical school of dance created character dances in the classical style, using professional technique. Character-dance exercises for the bar and center were developed in the late 19th century and were later included as a pedagogical discipline in choreographic schools.

In contemporary ballet, the character dance may be an episode, or it may serve as a means of revealing a character in a ballet or creating a unified, integrated performance.


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Character dance also develops the coordination required to become a versatile dancer.
Alternately, she may choose to call it garmoshka, the name for this well-known movement in the Russian character dance tradition.
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The 200 members of the Dance Club participate in 24 different weekly classes run by student-teachers with a wide variety of styles: contemporary, lyrical, tap, step, African, hip-hop, Latin, street, belly, theatrical and character dance classes for all levels of ability.
The workshop includes classes of ballet technique, pointe and variations, character dance, partnering and repertory classes in which student's ages 8 to young teens will be taught excerpts from classical ballets.
Runner-up in the Illingworth Bursary Award, trophy for most outstanding competitor in all subjects, senior ballet trophy, senior character dance trophy, senior classical duet trophy (with partner April Matthews) and senior cabaret duet trophy (with Gemma Clarkson).
Character Dance Class by Jay Distributors, $29.99,
The actress is giving little away about the plot that will see her character dance with Jason's alter ego, PC Bradley, at the police ball.
In Derick Cabrido's gorgeously photographed 'Tuos,' the Superstar isn't bad, as expected-in fact, it's a treat to see the legendary actress' character dance and figure in some action scenes to stand up for what she believes is right.
In Russia they call it chustva: feeling, the essence of character dance. "But it's the kind of feeling that's so deep inside your heart and soul it turns you inside out," says Peter Pawlyshyn, director of the School of the Kansas City Ballet.
* Character dance is another element of the syllabus, presenting national dances using original ethnic movements and music.