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Character Dance


one of the expressive means of the ballet; a type of stage dance. Originally, the term “character dance” denoted a dance representative of a certain character, such as the dances performed in intermezzi or the dances inspired by artisans, peasants, or robbers. Later, the choreographer C. Blasis applied the term to all folk dances included in ballet performances, and it is this meaning that has survived to the present day. Choreographers and dancers of the classical school of dance created character dances in the classical style, using professional technique. Character-dance exercises for the bar and center were developed in the late 19th century and were later included as a pedagogical discipline in choreographic schools.

In contemporary ballet, the character dance may be an episode, or it may serve as a means of revealing a character in a ballet or creating a unified, integrated performance.


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While summer school students study flamenco and character dancing as well as dance history, modern is offered year round on the grounds that it makes one's ballet technique better.
Stanley Holden (1928-2007) Acclaimed for his witty and heartfelt character dancing in The Royal Ballet before dedicating his life to teaching in Southern California, Stanley Holden died in May at 79.
PDT's performance is an opportunity to attract Bay Area scholarship students for the Presidio Dance Theatre Academy, where they will study ballet, academic folk, and character dancing.
I've finished that phase of my life, except for a little character dancing.
They are also encouraged to enjoy dancing through free movement in contemporary and other styles as well as several different kinds of character dancing.
I mean, I can do a mean fox-trot, and I've had a kind of across-the-board education in ballet, tap, and character dancing so that, when required, I know how to move.
Modern dance, jazz, mime, musical theater, music appreciation, and character dancing were also on the daily schedule.
A training system needs to integrate technique, style, mime, acting, character dancing, and historical dance.
Twenty-four-year-old Ballet Nacional principal dancer Joel Carreno, Jose Manuel's half-brother, says the training at the school, which includes classes in partnering and character dancing, is challenging.
Some people argued that the reason this combination clicked so well is because the types of dancing complement each other, that ballet with its airiness and ease needs the counterpoise of movement with weight and force, and that, once upon a time, character dancing supplied the contrast which is the job of modern dancers today.
Her main rivals were Kschessinska, and the Italian guest artists, but she was popular with the audience at the Maryinsky (particularly for her improvised encores); her large repertory of ballets included classical roles, character dancing, and many contemporary works (as a sailor in her own comic number, Le Matelot, she would spit over the rail).