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(shərād`), verbal, written, or acted representation of a word, its syllables, or a number of words. The object is to guess the idea being conveyed. Winthrop M. PraedPraed, Winthrop Mackworth
, 1802–39, English poet and essayist. A Conservative member of Parliament (1830–32, 1834–39) and an accomplished political satirist, he is best remembered for his graceful light verse—"Letter of Advice," "Molly Mog"—and his
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 wrote many of the well-known charades, and a good description of the acted charade is found in Thackeray's Vanity Fair. In the United States a charade acted in pantomime and having a set time limit was popular in the 1930s and 40s and remains a form of home amusement.



a type of riddle. In a charade, a word is divided, usually syllabically, into two or more parts, each of which has its own meaning, for example, vino (“wine”) + grad (“city” or “hail”) for vinograd (“grapes”), or sem’ (“seven”) + ia (“I”) for sem’ia (“family”). Each of the component words is described in the manner of periphrasis.

Practically unknown in folklore, charades originated when writing made word division visually recognizable. They were especially popular in salons in the 17th and 18th centuries, read as poems or acted out.

An anonymous example of a charade follows.

Edva primetnyi cherv’, no dlia mekhov opasnyi

Est’ pervoe moe. Znak v azbuke bezglasnyi—

Vtoroe. A poet i komik-charodei

Est’ tseloesharady sei (Mol’-er).

A worm that’s barely noticeable but dangerous to furs

Is my first part. A mute symbol in the alphabet

Is the second. And a poet and comic wizard

Is the whole of this charade. (Mol’ [”moth”] + er

[a silent letter in Old Russian] = Mol’er [Molière].)


an episode or act in the game of charades
References in classic literature ?
A piece of paper was found on the table this morning(dropt, we suppose, by a fairy) containing a very pretty charade, and we have just copied it in.
It is such a pretty charade, my dear, that I can easily guess what fairy brought it.
Later in the morning, and just as the girls were going to separate in preparation for the regular four o'clock dinner, the hero of this inimitable charade walked in again.
here is the charade you were so obliging as to leave with us; thank you for the sight of it.
You must make my apologies to your friend; but so good a charade must not be confined to one or two.
It is one thing," said she, presentlyher cheeks in a glow"to have very good sense in a common way, like every body else, and if there is any thing to say, to sit down and write a letter, and say just what you must, in a short way; and another, to write verses and charades like this.
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The boxy shape of the new Charade is immensely practical and offers a lot of cabin room for four with a 5cuft boot behind.
Within hours of our story appearing, RSPCA officials received numerous offers of homes for Jack, 28, and Charade, 24.
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