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a. the giving of help, money, food, etc., to those in need
b. (as modifier): a charity show
a. an institution or organization set up to provide help, money, etc., to those in need
b. (as modifier): charity funds
3. the help, money, etc., given to the needy; alms
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A functional language based purely on category theory by Cockett, Spencer, and Fukushima, 1990-1991.

A version for Sun-4 is available from Tom Fukushima <>.

["About Charity", J.R.B. Cockett, U. Calgary, Canada, et al].
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They will not disappoint you, and you will look upon them more charitably. Men seek but one thing in life--their pleasure."
"At least the money will remain in the family," she said charitably. "Pitt will never spend it, my dear, that is quite certain; for a greater miser does not exist in England, and he is as odious, though in a different way, as his spendthrift brother, the abandoned Rawdon."
Vesey, is charitably attending on her with restorative tea.
If you question me closely as to whether all the money with which he set up at Grimworth consisted of pure and simple earnings, I am obliged to confess that he got a sum or two for charitably abstaining from mentioning some other people's misdemeanours.
"I, too, intend to judge him charitably. But unfortunately I have met the type before.
He would not run in debt (at least, my mother took good care he should not), but while he had money he must spend it: he liked to see his house comfortable, and his wife and daughters well clothed, and well attended; and besides, he was charitably disposed, and liked to give to the poor, according to his means: or, as some might think, beyond them.
'I hope you suffer no inconvenience from the overturn, ma'am?' said the merry-faced gentleman, addressing the fastidious lady, as though he were charitably desirous to change the subject.
When I was delivered and taken up at sea by the Portugal captain, well used, and dealt justly and honourably with, as well as charitably, I had not the least thankfulness in my thoughts.
Now, she would light upon some poor decent person, like herself, going afoot on a pilgrimage of many weary miles to see some worn-out relative or friend who had been charitably clutched off to a great blank barren Union House, as far from old home as the County Jail (the remoteness of which is always its worst punishment for small rural offenders), and in its dietary, and in its lodging, and in its tending of the sick, a much more penal establishment.
Larcher having just become charitably concerned about alarming symptoms in her charwoman, when Dr.
Celtic maintain their eight-point gap at the top of the Scottish Premiership = "My grandmother is equipped with both the physical prowess and mental resilience necessary to triumph in a competition that, if one permits a rare outburst of uncouth language on my parts, could charitably be described as 'tinpot'." 3.
The hit came from Communities Secretary James Brokenshire, a politician of who it may be most charitably said: "Who?" He ruled that our local leaders' blueprint for partial home rule does fit the government's criteria for a successful bid.

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