dead leg

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dead end

1. A length of pipe leading from a soil, waste, or vent pipe, building drain, or building sewer, which is terminated by a plug, cap, or other closed fitting; there is no circulation in this length of pipe, and no waste from a plumbing fixture is fed into it.
2. The point of fastening in a running rope system where the other end is fastened to a rope drum.
3. In concrete work, the end opposite that to which a load is applied.
4. A portion of a corridor in which the travel to an exit is in one direction only.
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cramps a" also inexplicably termed ' charley horse'- can be excruciatingly painful and occur when muscles involuntarily contract and cannot relax.
Try it for a "charley horse" cramp--it really works!
Taylor Doherty's broken hand has cost him 12 games, Eriah Hayes missed five games with a charley horse, but returned to action on Saturday night.
No, it's like a charley horse, a spasm, in your face."
Our fitness expert Kay Mikesky explains that a charley horse refers to a muscle cramp or spasm in the lower leg.
Bell's knee made contact with Delmonico's right thigh, and the Sox's left fielder exited with a charley horse.
Petter Emanuelsson is still out indefinitely recovering from shoulder surgery, but Eriah Hayes (charley horse) skated during pre-game warmups and Taylor Doherty (broken hand) could return to action next weekend.