check nut

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1. A nut which is designed so that it will not come loose, locking in place when tightened.
2. A supplementary nut, screwed down on another nut to prevent it from shaking loose.
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9 With 4 Mm Drill Hole At Distance Of 4 Mm From Free End Alongwith 1 No Hex Nut Of Size M16 Steel Grade 8 Alongwith 1 No Check Nut 2 No Plain Washer, 1 No Spring Washer And 1 No Split Pin To Size 1/8 Inch X 1 1/2 Inch Bolt And Nut As Per Is 1363/92 Of Pc 10.
Tenders are invited for Ms Hex Head Bolt M16 X 50 Mm To Is: 1363 Part-Ii/1992 With 01 Nut And 01 Check Nut M-16 To Is: 1363 Part-Ii/1992, 1 No.