check ride

check flight

i. A test flight to ascertain if all systems in the aircraft are fully serviceable. A check flight is carried out after a major inspection or repairs.
ii. A flight on which a pilot or other crewmembers are checked for proficiency in the performance of their duties. Also called a check ride or a checkout flight.
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However, he was acquitted in a case where he was accused of blackmailing two flight captains into changing the failing check ride grades given to two other captains.
During an instrument proficiency check, or for that matter an instrument check ride, a common question is, "What does the title of an approach chart indicate?
1, followed by a check ride the next week with Col.
You can transition to the A5 in an estimated 4.5 hours, plus a check ride. Doing the math, that might cost $2200, including ground school.
back on the rails Engineers check ride this week prior to the re-opening
One of my duties is to give those who want to be an FAA Certified Flight Instructor their very first flight instructor check ride. Often, these instructor candidates are fairly young and the majority of the time the check rides are given in aircraft equipped with advanced-avionics.
The reason for the annual check ride is to assess a driver's skills, not equipment capability.
I still remember how nervous I was for my first check ride.
Passengers can save favourite addresses as well as check ride history Since drivers are checked for compliance before joining the network, passengers do not need to worry about their safety and can simply enjoy their ride, according to the promoters.
Every two years seaplane pilots receive a Federal Aviation Administration-mandated check ride that commonly includes invasive species awareness training.
On the day I passed my last check ride I got a surprise: "Would you like jets in San Diego?" Uh, yes!
FAA fixes turbojet proficiency compliance deadline The FAA has amended a recent rule-making that set a requirement for pilots of turbojet-powered aircraft to undergo a pilot-in-command proficiency check, giving affected pilots a year from the effective date to take the initial required check ride. Oct 19, 2011