check valve

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check valve

[′chek ‚valv]
(mechanical engineering)
A device for automatically limiting flow in a piping system to a single direction. Also known as nonreturn valve.

Check Valve


a device that passes a stream of fluid or gas through a pipe only in one direction and closes automatically when the direction of the stream reverses. It is used in various thermal power engineering and production plants.

check valve, back-pressure valve, reflux valve

check valve
An automatic valve which permits liquid to flow in only one direction. Also see non-return valve.

check valve

check valveclick for a larger image
Two types of check valves.
A valve that permits the flow of fluid in one direction only. Various types of check valves are depicted in the illustrations.
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Plastic diaphragm check valves a re two-port valves, meaning they have two openings--one for upstream fluid or gas to enter, and the other for the media to exit downstream.
Silent check valves are available from plumbing suppliers for $35.
Test the check valve by putting your linger over the end of the valve.
Knappco is a specialized manufacturer of industrial access ports, manholes, hatches, coamings, collars, weld rings, fill covers, and check valves used in the handling, transport and storage of petrochemicals, agricultural commodities, and building materials such as cement and asphalt.
While I am not one to design my process around being kind and gentle to the molding machine, doing this will help the check valve last a bit longer.
Clear and custom-colored Cyrolite CG-97 is an acrylic-based multi-polymer compound that is now specified for check valves, female luers, lining and pediatric filters, and Y connectors.
One small problem - we'll never get the fluid past the check valve so the load is, essentially, stuck.
Smart Products has announced the Model #101, a micro barbed check valve, measuring in at 0.375" in length and a 0.180" diameter.
Eco Jet design improvements listed include increased cooling jacket volume, upgraded materials for the new check valve that improve wear and carbon resistance, upgraded water jacket seal materials to withstand even higher working temperatures, and an available extension option for check valves for deep-well cylinder head sparkplug ports.
The accumulator collects the polymer/gas solution during the injection process, when the check valve to the plunger is closed.
Combination needle and check valve flow controls are typically used to control airflow from air cylinders, thereby controlling the speed at which the piston strokes, either while extending or retracting, depending on their location in the circuit.
An HP2 model handles in-line mounting at the point of application and is available with or without an internal pilot-operated check valve for high-pressure release.