check valve

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check valve

[′chek ‚valv]
(mechanical engineering)
A device for automatically limiting flow in a piping system to a single direction. Also known as nonreturn valve.

Check Valve


a device that passes a stream of fluid or gas through a pipe only in one direction and closes automatically when the direction of the stream reverses. It is used in various thermal power engineering and production plants.

check valve, back-pressure valve, reflux valve

check valve
An automatic valve which permits liquid to flow in only one direction. Also see non-return valve.

check valve

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Two types of check valves.
A valve that permits the flow of fluid in one direction only. Various types of check valves are depicted in the illustrations.
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In locking-ring check valves, the ring rotates with the screw during plastication and moves horizontally during injection.
The spring can be heat treated and cleaned using special processes depending on the working condition of the check valve. An example of a general Saint-Gobain Seals' anti-blowout seal in a rod sealing application is shown in the illustration at left (note: this illustration is different than the seal used in the actual check valve application, which is custom-designed).
"We are very pleased to have a barbed check valve option for our customers," said Ken Davis, global product line manager.
Available in sizes from 3" - 12" / DN80 - DN300 and rated at 16 bar (230psi), the single plate Wafer Check Valve adds to Shipham Valves existing range of composite valves.
The check valves are cast and machined in carbon steel and then shipped to Arc Energy's Gloucestershire factory for weld overlay cladding, with Inconel 625 being applied to all wetted surfaces.
To quiet them, replace the old check valve with a "silent" or "soft close" check valve.
Check valves are used to prevent water pumped to an overhead tank from flowing back when the pump stops.
Clear and custom-colored Cyrolite CG-97 is an acrylic-based multi-polymer compound that is now specified for check valves, female luers, lining and pediatric filters, and Y connectors.
Thermoplastic manifold type check valve is designed to prevent reverse flow while simplifying installation of multiple check valves.
Tests revealed that a group of valves, known as check valves, were leakier than expected.