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Cook said in the article that he confirmed the $400 amount with the person who played Santa "and he's listed as receiving $400 on Arkansas's state government online checkbook under the Secretary of State's expenditures section."
Customer can use ATM to issue checkbook, rather than being confined to the staff working in the bank branches.
The "open checkbook" database will be linked to the state's website and provide users searchable access to some 15 million payments over the last three years to employees, retirees and about 50,800 vendors covering more than $80 billion in state spending.
No one--male or female--should graduate from high school without demonstrating the ability to run a washing machine, fry an egg, balance a checkbook, compile a grocery list, and use a power drill.
The most heartening thing of all, though, was that when other responsible journalists saw what ABC had done, they erupted in disdain - instead of deciding that the ground rules of good journalism had changed and that it was time to reach for their own checkbooks.
To date, its 160 members, chosen on an invitation-only basis, have circulated $44 million in investment capital among 100 socially-responsible companies, IC, founded in 1991, holds two Social Venture Fairs each year, and 15 startups lucky enough to survive the cut (thousands apply) are allowed to make presentations to an audience they know have checkbooks at the ready.
In McAllen, Texas, where a large percentage of the population hails from Mexico, where credit cards and checkbooks are an anomaly, 70 percent of residents pay their bills in cash.
* The general ledger, summary ledgers, cash receipts and disbursements journals, checkbooks, bank statements, canceled checks and cash reconciliations, bills paid and accounts payable files.
I will not be unhappy if Twombly's MoMA show squares my taste with that of the collectors who, checkbooks aloft, seem to be voting him the boss abstract painter after the New York School.
The E-mail and word-processing enthusiasts obviously have managed to supplant their secretaries, while the spreadsheet addicts are still furiously balancing their checkbooks.
At least 29 percent of PC owners told Gallup pollsters they're using their machines to earn money, not just to play Nintendo or balance their checkbooks. And 46 percent of those planning to buy a PC consider it an investment.