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It was hard to argue with that description over the weekend at the 114th Illinois State Checker Tournament, held at Mackie's Pizza in Marion, when only a mere "baker's dozen" of 13 participants were competing early in the first day of the two-day event, with just a smattering of them under age 60.
The Checkers has five rooms offering bed-andbreakfast accommodation.
During the roundtable discussion yesterday, Deevy maintained that there is no politics involved in the choice of third-party fact checkers in the Philippines.
When shopping for a new pair of everyday jeans Michael Checkers looks for a balance of on-trend style, quality, and affordability.
Though, prior researches suggest that symptom checkers may be less effective than physicians in diagnostic accuracy for now, (5) to conclude the superiority of doctors to symptom checkers might be overhasty.
Moving forward, Facebook plans to improve its machine learning algorithms that identify potential false news by also taking to account user comments and reports. These stories will then be sent to fact checkers, according to ( Engadget.
Operating under the Checkers and Rally's banners, the company is one of the nation's leading operators and franchisors of drive-thru hamburger quick-service restaurants.
Fact checkers said Clinton provided information comparable to Romney's and Obama's, but there really isn't a specific standard for this.
Grammar checkers often flag certain correct constructions as errors because those constructions are most often ones that computers can easily identify.
You can't do a good job by trying to checker downhill and must position your work accordingly.
That was the Checkers' only power-play opportunity.
Checkers operates as official cab provider from Bristol, Cardiff, Gatwick, Stansted and Southampton.