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Fine, shallow cracks appearing on the surface of a material or in a film of a surface coating. Also known as check cracks.
Temporarily reducing the volume or temperature of the air blast in a blast furnace.


A defect in a coated surface characterized by the appearance of fine cracks in all directions; also cracking of wood grain caused by improper drying.

checking, check cracks, map cracks, shelling

1.Shallow cracks at closely spaced but irregular intervals on the surface of mortar or concrete.
2. Small cracks in a film of paint or varnish which do not completely penetrate to the substrate or the previous coat. The cracks are in a pattern roughly similar to a checkerboard.
3. In plastering, in a lime finish coat, fine spider-web cracks or fissures; usually caused by insufficient troweling or undergauging.
4. See check.
5. Very small cracks in a flat glass surface, usually along an edge.
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