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1. A room for the deposit or checking of outer clothing.
2. A small lounge outside a legislative chamber where coats may be hung.
3. A room for checking packages or baggage, as in a theater, railway station, or airport.
4. (Brit.) A washroom and toilet.
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The only portion of many limiting liability statutes that apply to a restaurant or bar covers no-fee checkrooms where the customer is given a receipt for the checked property.
Many hotels, restaurants, clubs, concert halls, museums, and other public businesses have checkrooms available to safeguard guests' valuables.
Off to our right was a checkroom, and we all gave the man behind the counter our jackets.
When we suff ender our suitcase to the museum checkroom, we do not agree to have the contents examined by police looking for contraband.
Among the modifications is one that hints at those past problems: "No newspaper-only checkrooms will be allowed." At some events in the past year, patrons entering an event could dump their newspapers in "checkrooms." A copy could have been counted as paid circulation whether or not anyone returned to pick it up.