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However, as cosplayer and model Saki Miyamoto demonstrates, wearing the shirt creates a sort of 3D effect on the hamster cheek pouches. The pouches were designed to line up with the wearer's chest area and highlight it.
Factors influencing experimental carcinogenesis in the hamster cheek pouch; J D Res, 40: 3-15.
When they wake up, they collect the fecal material from the sleeping den and place it in their cheek pouches to move it to a specific area and place it with other droppings.
Other rodents, such as hamsters and mice, have internal cheek pouches for storing food.
Among adults, both males and females carried material in their cheek pouches, but males did so more frequently than females (4.4% vs.
And then, after the boy had stuffed his face with as much of the chocolate as his cheek pouches could take and we had filled our suitcases with the rest, they went and refilled the whole lot the following day.
THE cheek pouches are not fixed in place and can become turned inside out (eversion).
If you do intend breeding, then remember that the female will often carry her young about in her cheek pouches and will only harm them if you try to remove them.
Associated symptoms included swollen salivary glands, distended cheek pouches, and an enlarged, coated tongue.
And, like some of our cousins, we've got large cheek pouches.
"These rodents gather hundreds of seeds in their cheek pouches and then bury them in shallow hiding places, or caches," Longland says.