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Down that horsewalk and round through the press of admiring racegoers below the paddock he was cheered to the echo, and when he set foot in the winner's enclosure a great wave of acclamation broke out from the packed steppings.
Booed off after playing for Scotland in midweek, Gary McAllister was cheered to the echo by Coventry supporters who had offered their own scathing criticism of him in recent months.
Tory leader William Hague, however, made a rip- roaring speech and was cheered to the echo by his surviving troops.
The winner was cheered to the echo by the 72-member Morning Dew Racing Club, who poured into the winner's enclosure praising the trainer, who had told them all to have a punt.
Cheered to the echo simply for making his appearance for the pre-match warm-up, the response at the final whistle was delirious.
Cheered to the echo on his return to winner's enclosure, Limestone Lad had performed his usual front-running act under Paul Carberry and again defied all comers.
1-2-3 on this week's Campo de Golf course in the 1995 Spanish Open - and the two members of the victorious Dunhill Cup team taking part, the two Miguel Angels, Martin and Jimenez, will have every birdie cheered to the echo.