chemical analysis

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chemical analysis,

the study of the chemical composition and structure of substances. More broadly, it may be considered the corpus of all techniques whereby any exact chemical information is obtained. There are two branches in analytical chemistry: qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is the determination of those elements and compounds that are present in a sample of unknown material. Quantitative analysis is the determination of the amount by weight of each element or compound present. The procedures by which these aims may be achieved include testing for the chemical reaction of a putative constituent with an admixed reagent or for some well-defined physical property of the putative constituent. Classical methods include use of the analytical balance, gas manometer, buret, and visual inspection of color change. Gas and paper chromatography are particularly important modern methods. Physical techniques such as use of the mass spectrometer are also employed. For samples in the gaseous state, optical spectroscopy provides the best technique for determining which atomic and molecular species are present.

analysis, chemical:

see chemical analysischemical analysis,
the study of the chemical composition and structure of substances. More broadly, it may be considered the corpus of all techniques whereby any exact chemical information is obtained.
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The Chemistry Lab provides corrosion testing and chemical analysis including material characterization, trace element analysis, salt spray testing, humidity testing, wet chemistry and positive material identification (PMI) services.
He said it would serve local and regional government bodies specialised in agriculture, commerce, industry and the environment by offering specialist chemical analysis.
A chemical analysis of chocolate published in The Biochemist in April/May 1993 turned up theobromine but no caffeine.
A chemical analysis suggests that a molecule isolated from this grade of oil, which comes from the first pressing of the fruit, has anti-inflammatory effects similar to those of ibuprofen.
In order to successfully austemper cast iron, it should have a consistent chemical analysis, consistent graphite shape and distribution, and a matrix structure essentially free of porosity and carbides.
A variety of substances can be incorporated at parts-per-million levels and then traced by chemical analysis or radio-frequency detection.
Among the working group topics addressed were terminology, accelerated aging, optical properties, precision, microbiological methods, fracture toughness, fiber properties, edgewise crush resistance, dirt and shives, compressive strength, tensile properties, chemical analysis, grease resistance, and picking resistance.
Cho and coworkers (in press), after developing a new chemical analysis procedure, quantified in A-DEP four PAH-quinones, compounds thought to be active in producing reactive oxygen species that may play a role, among others, in asthma exacerbation (Li et al.
Next year they will be using global positioning system receivers and computerized mapping devices, and doing laboratory work involving chemical analysis of rocks.
This technique uses an innovative experiment design coupled with a novel drift correction approach to minimize and quantify the major sources of uncertainty in this chemical analysis. A recent publication documents the performance of the method, high performance inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, for 64 elements where the typical relative expanded uncertainty observed is 0.1% (Analytical Chemistry 73, 4821-4829, 2001).
Some of the hairs were sacrificed for scientific analysis, and the marvels of modern DNA testing and chemical analysis show that Beethoven's life was a physical misery.
Efforts were underway to minimise the impact of the oil and samples were taken away for chemical analysis.

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