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Chemical formula of compounds 18 and 20 were characterized as C16H31O4+ and C17H33O4+, respectively, in which compound 20 was 14 Da heavier than that of compound 18, indicating an additional methylene group in compound 20.
6 In science, H2O is the chemical formula for what?
Information is given for their chemical formula, characteristics from luster to toughness to crystal shape, and color, cut, clarity, carat, and history.
French doctors have come up with a chemical formula that can reverse the aging process and make me look 10 years younger.
It works by analysing a tiny drop of drink as it comes into contact with a chemical formula made by the researchers.
The reference also includes a manufactures directory with available contact information; a function/application index allowing the user to locate chemicals based on functions such as accelerator, antistat, catalyst, deflocculant, or plasticizer as well as application key words such as adhesives, coatings, inks, paper, water treatment, and the like; CAS and EINECS/ELINCS number indexes; a chemical formula index; a glossary; and a bibliography.
How dark any polymer becomes will depend on its chemical formula and on the electrical potential applied by the circuit.
They have been changing the chemical formula of the deadly drug Ecstasy to avoid prosecution.
Substances are tested for name, structure, chemical formula, molecular weight, schedule, solubility, color tests, crystal tests, thin layer chromatography systems, UV spectra, Infrared spectra, gas chromatographic retention times, gas chromatographic/mass spectroscopic data, etc.
We use the most recent scientific knowledge about particle radiation using neutrons and gamma rays to decipher the chemical formula of hidden objects 'without opening,' that is without going to the lab, non-invasively, and instantly display the sign 'this is explosive' or 'this is not explosive'.
Among the information is the chemical formula, class, crystal system, hardness, and sometimes companion minerals or metaphysical associations.
Which common substance has the chemical formula H2O?