chemical toilet

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chemical toilet, Brit. chemical closet

A toilet without conventional water and drain connections; contains a fluid, usually with a disinfectant and deodorant, which neutralizes waste matter chemically.
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Walsall-based Orchid Investments Ltd admitted dumping polluted waste from its chemical toilets into a tributary to the River Avon at Long Marston Air-field, near Stratford.
Wright brought in the chemical toilet used by the family in their van.
He said such operational matters were the responsibility of sub-contracting firm Alstom, which agreed to build the two extra discharge points to ensure that chemical toilet tanks were emptied every second night, rather than every third.
The model was flown by helicopter from Iraq to Kuwait after reports suggested she was not satisfied about using an outside chemical toilet or about having to wash with other people.
Iain, from East Kilbride, will only have a mobile phone, hammock, laptop and a chemical toilet.
Labour Cllr Phil Townshend branded it a "disgrace" and asked councillors to examine their consciences, asking: "Would you really want your mother, grandmother, auntie, daughter or niece to have a chemical toilet in their home?"
Measuring 11.4 square metres, the bunker on land near Geufron Farm Lane,Llangollen,has an access shaft and a closet for a chemical toilet.
They will live in a 130-year old farmhouse with an oil-burning stove, a chemical toilet and drinking water collected from the roof.
But Coleen, 25, wants them to stay in a pounds 100,000 Winnebago, which boasts its own chemical toilet, in the ViP area.
There was a chemical toilet on site and a sink but they weren't connected.

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