chemical toilet

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chemical toilet, Brit. chemical closet

A toilet without conventional water and drain connections; contains a fluid, usually with a disinfectant and deodorant, which neutralizes waste matter chemically.
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When engineers did gain access on Saturday it became apparent that the problem was complex, requiring significant resources to fix and so the tenant was provided with a chemical toilet over the weekend to allow her to remain in the property.
Walsall-based Orchid Investments Ltd admitted dumping polluted waste from its chemical toilets into a tributary to the River Avon at Long Marston Air-field, near Stratford.
In fact, every E-2 that arrives from Grumman's Long Island factory comes complete with a chemical toilet in the aft equipment compartment.
At Leamington Magistrates Court, the firm pleaded guilty to causing a discharge of chemical toilet effluent without having an environmental permit in place.
A chemical toilet and toilet tent makes a lot of sense if you are a long walk from the site loos or for visits in the night.
Instead, port officials found the containers that originated at the port of Felixstowe packed with trash, ranging from the chemical toilet seats to food remnants and computer pieces.
W911S2-08-T-3009 for portable chemical toilet services at Fort Drum, New York, which was issued as a service-disabled, veteran-owned, small business concern (SDVOSBC) set-aside.
Wright challenged the inspectors' contention that the family had installed a chemical toilet or privy in the van, which requires board approval and was one of three cited violations.
The model was flown by helicopter from Iraq to Kuwait after reports suggested she was not satisfied about using an outside chemical toilet or about having to wash with other people.
Iain, from East Kilbride, will only have a mobile phone, hammock, laptop and a chemical toilet.
But Coleen, 25, wants them to stay in a pounds 100,000 Winnebago, which boasts its own chemical toilet, in the ViP area.

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