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see flintflint,
variety of quartz that commonly occurs in rounded nodules and whose crystal structure is not visible to the naked eye. Flint is dark gray, smoky brown, or black in color; pale gray flint is called chert.
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a mineral formation consisting of crystalline and amorphous silica (opal, chalcedony, or quartz). Chert is widespread in nature in the form of concretions, nodules, and seams that either lie parallel with the enclosing limestone and chalk deposits or cut across bedding. It is formed either by diagenesis of deposits, by catagenesis of rocks, or by weathering. It has a hardness of 7 on the mineralogical scale and breaks with a conchoidal fracture. Because of its ability to form a sharp cutting edge when chipped, chert (flint) was used by man from the most ancient times to the Iron Age to make stone tools.


A hard, dense, sedimentary rock composed of fine-grained silica, characterized by a semivitreous to dull luster and a splintery to conchoidal fracture; commonly gray, black, reddish brown, or green. Also known as hornstone; phthanite.


A very fine-grained dense rock consisting of chalcedony or opal, often with some quartz, and sometimes with calcite, iron oxide, organic matter, or other impurities; has a homogeneous texture and white, gray, or black color; some of its constituents may react with cement alkalies and therefore may be undesirable as concrete aggregate for exposed concrete in northern climates.
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Later there are chert flakes and retouched tools, and small amounts of obsidian, imported from the Talasea and Mopir sources on New Britain's north coast.
The use of chert chisels and punches upon the rose granite clearly indicated that they were unable to cut this particular stone.
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The raw material for lithic production is chert that occurs in nodules, up to 50cm long throughout the local limestone.
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Muller (1997) is undoubtedly correct when he noted that chert hoes were useful, but other kinds of digging tools also must have been available.
The gold mineralization is associated with arsenopyrite-bearing quartz veins, breccias and stockworks hosted in Cretaceous quartz monzonite intrusive and peripheral siltstone and chert of the Paleozoic Road River and Earn Groups.
Common burial practices, the wide distribution of such items as high-quality chert bifaces and finely crafted slate objects, and native copper and marine shell artifacts show how the Meadowood phenomenon brought several hunter-fisher-gatherer societies together.
Tenders are invited for Open request for proposals in electronic form for the right to sign the contract for performance of work upon manufacturing and delivery of products "Housing chert.
A fault bounded corridor about 460m wide with associated jasperoid alteration extends 4km northeast across the center of the Rook property beginning from the Chert Cliff deposit.
Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition of chert from the Edwards Group, Lower Cretaceous, central Texas, in Cretaceous carbonates of Texas and Mexico.